About A&S Web Design

Here at A&S Web Design, we have been motivated by what we see as a need to assist with the development of local websites for personal or small business use. As a small business ourselves, we feel we can best connect with other small business owners to offer a higher standard and more personalized level of care for our clients.

From a business perspective, we want your small business to succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly digitized and competitive. Our small business team is dedicated to helping you achieve that goal with comprehensive services that include web design and development, photography for your website, and even web hosting.

From a more personal perspective, we would be happy to help you set up your blog or other personal website. We have plans that can fit virtually any budget and we would be more than pleased to help you get your dream off the ground.

Our team

Alexander Moore

Alexander is the chief web developer and has been active in pursuing his skills in web development starting at a young age. With over a decade of practical experience in coding web pages and setting up websites, he'll be happy to code almost any website idea you may have for your small business. In his spare time, Alexander maintains a couple of other websites and does computer programming for fun.